Goodsmith experiences

Kunststoffbeschlag im Matsch
"Mein PRE steht seit einem Jahr in einem Aktivstall in Ostfriesland. In einem Gebiet, in dem noch Torf abgebaut wird, wenn es hier also regnet wird das eine richtig gemeine Pampe."
Goodsmith in der Rehe-Therapie
"Im Herbst 2020 dann der Schock – Hufrehe..."
Goodsmith at Soulessa
"For us, the Goodsmiths are a great asset. They help Khayman to get loose, good walking behavior again without negatively affecting his hooves and their development."
From iron to adhesive fitting
"I'm a Hprocessor myself and have tried different adhesive systems and for me the Goodsmith tabs are the most comfortable to work with."
Adhesive fitting in front of the carriage?
"We came across the Goodsmiths through our blacksmith Ulrich Klaus. The horse affected, a Haflinger gelding, had worn a shoe in the front several times and massively damaged the hoof wall."
Never again horseshoes
"My trotter mare, who suffered a tear due to incorrect trimming, also had strong hooves with a stunted frog."
Adhesive fitting in versatility

"My horse gets along great with the Goodsmith. Was very safe from the start. Use them in international eventing."

Adhesive fitting in the Noriker test

"Our conclusion with Lancelot is clear: not only that he's been running great with it for months, but the Goodsmiths are also holding up really well. Sand, concrete, mud, deep snow - no problem at all! 😎"

alternative to iron

"For me, the goodies are the best alternative to irons that I have been able to test to date."

Adhesive fitting as a last resort

"For me, the Goodsmith Horseshoes came as a last resort when the vet talked about euthanasia. My farrier was able to help us with that."

Glue the hooves yourself
"We are now gluing the hooves ourselves for the third shoeing interval and are still super excited! The material is easy to work with and the instructions explain all the steps very clearly."

Plastic shoe for problem hooves

"Already within the first period of shoeing I noticed a significantly improved horn growth."

Adhesive fitting in the open stable

"Lady's hooves had very brittle horny walls, in which the nails could hardly be mistaken for horseshoes. Without shoes, however, they walked extremely sensitively and that meant for me that an alternative was needed."

Adhesive fittings in comparison

"He had eliminated other adhesive horseshoes within a few days with loss of horn. That's why I was very skeptical at first..."

Glue shoeing with a bad hoof horn?
The gait pattern says it all! Body swaying and cantering has also tended to improve.
Plastic fitting when jumping
“With the Goodsmith synthetic horseshoe, the trot and canter go through the whole body. Her movements are both expansive and fluid. The footing off at the last jump feels even more powerful.”
Perma and Velcro
“He got used to the Goodsmith after the first test ride. He stumbled a lot less. I tested perma and velcro and..."
Adhesive fitting in Icelanders

"The running behavior of my Isis has improved a lot. Both run smoothly and very diligently forward. Compared to the bare hoof, I notice the safe stepping off, no matter what surface we are walking on."

Alternative hoof protection in dressage
"Especially in dressage I notice a difference. Especially after Herzenslicht also had the alternative hoof protection on the back. Since then she has been able to sit down better, steps further under and also walks more freely from the shoulder."
The Perma XT glue tabs
"The horn quality of the hooves has improved significantly because the hoof walls have been able to recover. We now really enjoy exercise again, even on long rides..."
Experiences of innovative hoof protection

"I was there at the beginning of the first tests and I can say that from my point of view Surena's hooves have never looked so good."

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