Goodsmith at Soulessa

My thoroughbred Arabian Khayman has always lived barefoot. He gets along well with it in our open stable. However, I urgently need hoof protection in the field, as our soil here is very hard and stony. Apart from that, I noticed that Khayman's health problems (muscle tension, metabolic problems and resulting lameness) improved significantly with permanent hoof protection. Wearing hoof boots all the time is out of the question for us and that's how we came to Goodsmith glued horseshoes.

Rappe mit Kunststoffbeschlag von Goodsmith im Wald

We glue all 4 hooves, because that way we have a really significantly improved running behavior. The installation gets better every time thanks to the tips and instructions. The base plates can be completely individually adapted to each individual hoof. The changeover is not very serious for tendons, joints and ligaments, since the hoof protection adapts to the hoof and not around it. I also notice that from the fact that Khayman doesn't need any getting used to the adhesive fitting.

Pferd mit Klebebeschlag Hufschutz von Goodsmith

Khayman is much looser and more relaxed with the Goodsmiths. You can see that he just moves freely. Despite this, he still seems to have a good feeling for the ground beneath him and does not walk as "feely" as some classically shod horses. Especially in our difficult terrain I notice a big difference. It runs safely and without stumbling and, what is particularly important to me: without slipping!

Alessa Neuners Khayman mit dem Kunststoffbeschlag von Goodsmith


The Goodsmiths are a great asset for us. They help Khayman to get loose, good walking behavior again without negatively affecting his hooves and their development. We vary barefoot intervals in between and have found a wonderful way to protect horse and hoof without interfering too much with nature.

Alessa Neuner is a horse trainer, horse osteopath and blogger. Here she shares her experiences with the Goodsmith. You can also find her on Instagram or on her website.

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