Adhesive fitting in front of the carriage?

Adhesive fittings in driving sports - an interview with the Zimmer family

  1. Tell me - how did you come up with the Goodsmith or an alternative to iron in the first place?

We came across the Goodsmiths through our farrier Ulrich Klaus. The horse affected, a Haflinger gelding, had repeatedly worn a shoe in the front and severely damaged the hoof wall. The nailing of an iron thus became very problematic. Ulrich Klaus, a very experienced and adept farrier, advised us to use the Goodsmith adhesive horseshoe because he makes it exactly for the horse's hoof.

  1. ...and that holds??

You have to differentiate between the winter and summer months with this question.

With significantly lower growth over winter, the sticker lasts for 10 weeks. Over summer we get 8 weeks.

Klebebeschlag im Fahrsport vor der Kutsche

  1. How long have you been using it?

Since September 2018, our Nestor has been wearing the Goodsmiths on the front. 2 Widia pins are screwed into the sole of the adhesive shoe at the front and at the back. Thus, the driving horse is equipped in the same way as with classic iron fittings with 4 Widia pins.

  1. One hears again and again that glue is said to be harmful to the hoof horn. Can you comment on that?

We can't say anything about that. Damage to the hoof horn has not occurred so far. On the contrary, the hoof horn consistency has developed very well again.

  1. Can any blacksmith do this?

Basically yes. However, the willingness of the blacksmith to deal with the topic of "alternative hoof protection" is also very important.

Zweispänner Kutsche mit Klebebeschlag auf Turnier

  1. You are driving. Is the product allowed in competition?

Since May 2019 we have been going to driving tournaments with Nestor and his hoof boots in pairs. There are tests in dressage, obstacle driving as well as in the marathon in the terrain obstacles.

So far there have been no complaints about the hoof shoes.

  1. Is there anything special about hoof care when the horse wears Goodsmiths?

No. We regularly check the hooves and also the adhesive attachments.

  1. How satisfied are you with the product now after all this time?

We have been very satisfied with the Goodsmiths for a good 3 years now. Above all, we really appreciate the consistency, because the concern that Nestor will tear off a shoe and hoof wall just two days before the tournament/wedding etc. has disappeared.