Never again horseshoes

I have a trotting mare that suffered a tear from a blacksmith's mistake. The irons came off. She also had strong truncated hooves with an atrophied frog. The dimensions were 11 cm x 14 cm. She walked very unsteadily, probably had no feeling in her hooves

The attachment: Since October 2020 she has alternately been walking barefoot and with Goodsmith on all 4 hooves.
I now do everything myself. I find her easy to work with.

Walking behavior: The horse is like a different person, sure-footed and good on the hoof. I ride hunts and endurance rides and am happy with their development

There were also setbacks at the beginning, until I got a better handle on the adjustment and editing.
Conclusion? No more iron!

Ein Pferdehuf mit EisenbeschlagEin Pferdehuf mit Klebebeschlag von Goodsmith