From iron to adhesive fitting

Quickstep is a 13 year old Paso Fino who came to me when he was 11 months old. At first I had him shod in the classic way with 4 irons. But he found the nailing very stupid from the start and it was always a lot of stress for everyone involved. At the age of 4 he moved to an active stable where no shoes were allowed in the back, so we had to switch to plastic horseshoes. Luckily for us, there was a farrier in our stable who came up with the idea of ​​gluing the horseshoes.
I am a hoof trimmer myself and have tried different adhesive systems and for me the Goodsmith tabs are the most comfortable to work with.
Klebebeschlag in der Anbringung
Quickstep runs very well with the glued plastic fittings and only very rarely loses a sticker. We often go horseback riding, ride carriages and are active in working equitation.
Klebebschlag beim Haflinger
Conclusion: After initial initial difficulties, I am now absolutely convinced of gluing and a classic nailed shoe is no longer an option for me.
After 7 years of gluing, I can also say that superglue does not harm the hoof.

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