The Perma XT glue tabs

"The horn quality of Kukki's hooves has improved significantly as the walls have been able to recover."

Hello dear ones,

My name is Iris Stangl, I'm 40 years old and my nine-year-old Haflinger mare Kukki has been my foster partner for six years now. Together we operate the upscale leisure sport. Our varied training schedule includes groundwork, dressage, jumping and, in winter, skijörning and sledging. Kukki is a real all-rounder and has fun for everyone. She lives in a spacious box and enjoys lots of paddock grazing on huge pastures. As soon as the weather gets worse, she lets off steam in a large paddock during the day. We became aware of Goodsmith via the Internet and have been following the development of this fitting ever since. We opted for the permanently adhesive variant because Kukki is simply better on the move in regular training and on our different floors if she has protection on her hooves. For us, the Goodsmiths are a highly recommended alternative to the shoe, which failed due to Kukki's brittle hoof horn and damaged Kle's hoof wall. We had also tested hoof boots before, but somehow the ones that really fitted perfectly were never among them. The Goodsmith is customized so Kukki wears an alternative shoe with glue tabs that fits her perfectly, doesn't chafe or slip anywhere, yet is flexible enough to let the hoof work naturally. I am very fortunate that my father, E. Stangl, is a trained hoof carer and a certified Goodsmith partner. Of course, we get the Goodsmith from him.

Kukki has been wearing her Goodsmith since mid-August. We currently have three fitting intervals behind us. Kukki's hooves are trimmed approximately every five to six weeks, then the Goodsmiths are removed accordingly and reattached after the regular barefoot trim. The permanently adhesive tab collars must be replaced for each treatment. This is the first time we have replaced the baseplate as their first baseplates were now expired. My conclusion so far: My father and I have been following this alternative plastic hoof protection from the start and have always been very interested and have informed each other extensively. When the hoof protection came onto the market with the Perma adhesive tabs, it was immediately clear that we would try it out at Kukki. We are very happy with our decision! So far the Goodsmith has served its purpose well. The horn quality of Kukki's hooves has improved significantly as the walls have been able to recover. The cracks have almost disappeared or grown out. My Hafimaus now really enjoys exercise again, even on long rides. Different surfaces don't bother her and she runs forward diligently. We would be happy to recommend the Goodsmith permanent fitting.

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