Adhesive collar for hooves

Goodsmith XT adhesive collar

Holds our adhesive tabs securely on the hoof:

The innovative XT adhesive

  • Secure hold on the hoof thanks elastic decoupling

  • predetermined breaking point to release the system in an emergency

  • Light and fast processing

  • Safe for the horse's hoof

Holds our products securely on the hoof:

The innovative XT adhesive

  • Secure hold on the hoof thanks elastic decoupling

  • predetermined breaking point to release the system in an emergency

  • Light and Fast processing of the adhesive collars

  • Safe for the horse's hoof

The components of the adhesive technology

Adhesive collar

Klebekragen, Pferde, Goodsmith, Klebebeschlag

The Perma XT adhesive collar offers flexibility while maintaining stability for a secure fit. Compatible with a variety of plastic fittings.

XT - 40

Our XT-40 is a high-quality acrylic-based adhesive that hardens on the adhesive collar within seconds. No heat development - harmless to the hoof.


Our XT-Cleaner is based on filtered acetone. It is ideal for degreasing the hooves and harmless to the hoof horn.

Why does XT hold up so well?

  • elastic decoupling of the force peaks

  • Glue hardens with moisture

  • adhesive collar optimized for the hoof

Process XT gluing


The hoof must be roughened before gluing. We recommend using a hoof buffer.

Important: The hem horn must be completely removed at the splice.


Prerequisite for every bond. The hoof must be clean and free of grease. We recommend the XT Cleaner

Important: also degrease the tab fingers or Velcro pads!


Less is more! Draw a border with the XT 40 glue and a pattern on the surface.


Your questions. Our answers.

Is the XT 40 harmful?

No, the glue is safe for the hoof. Comparable adhesives are used in human medicine, e.g. for gluing wounds.

However, be careful! The glue sticks eyelids etc. together within seconds. (see safety instructions below)

Can I undo glued tabs with the XT 40?

Whether with a hoof clipper, hoof knife or carefully with a cutter, the products bonded with XT can be easily removed from the hoof with a little skill.

There is an extra video on this point on our Youtube Channel:

What is the difference between XT 40 summer and winter?

Mainly the viscosity of the glue. So, how liquid or viscous the glue is. It doesn't depend on a few degrees here or there. The general rule is: below 10°C in winter, above that use summer glue.

How long does a bottle of XT 40 last?

The numbers vary, of course, depending on whether Velcro or perma is used and whether the hooves are large or small. Basically, it can be assumed that a bottle for 2 fully equipped horses (4 hooves per horse) should be enough.

What should be considered when bonding with XT 40?

There are 3 sources of error that we are repeatedly told:

- Roughening of the hoof wall. Here, the marginal horn etc. should be completely removed

- Activate the adhesive surface. The adhesive surfaces on the flap / Velcro pad must be activated with the XT activator.

Without thorough application of XT Activator, the bond will not hold.

- Amount of glue. Less is more! Better to use a little less glue.

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